My Thought Processes...


Hi all, I'm Manny, I'm just trying to find a way to get myself noticed on the internet and I'm thinking this is a good site to give a try. As you probably might have guessed, I'm a 88 born from Louisiana, I tend to attempt to relocate though. I sorta do/did wrestling, I enjoy Anime a little so I tend to sorta base some things on my life off those things (hence why I'm on a site called Gaia as well as this one) I'm a bit of a loser though, in the real world. In the real world, I'm not worth more than the dirt off your shoes because of past mistakes I've made (that'll probably be posted in the blog if that's possible). I tend to want to make friends despite my current situations, sorry if this is a little long, here's my question to you...how are you today?

I have a steady interest and pursuit in web design and I'm an ongoing student of the website, W3Schools which explains things in a website that one would want or need to know. Currently, I know a bit about HTML, XHTML, CSS and TCP/IP and more recently, JavaScript.

I use Livejournal as a way of giving a recap of how my day went because I want to make a comic book about my life and my days and my past and I can't do that unless I actually have a way of remembering it right <.< but all's well, mostly.